Mobilizing resources and knowledge for climate projects


We are working to accelerate climate action towards the achievement of CO2 emission reduction goals

​​S4C links climate projects in LATAM with resources and knowledge. We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into decision-making processes, investments and risk management.  


S4C is an initiative that links projects with finance

We link projects, ideas and ventures with investors, funds and partners.


Climate -Related Mission

Our mission is to tackle climate change, promote sustainable development and accelerate action towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs.

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Data-Powered   Climate

In this process, we address the challenges of climate change, we generate opportunities, and develop reliable, long-term strategies. At the same time, we integrate technological advances and process improvements.


Impact driven

We make and measure impact, build resilience and promote low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions development.

cooperating and promoting partnerships

We work with organizations, policy makers and agents of change. We support the formulation of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects. We assist in the preparation of projects, participate in the creation of networks and design capacity building programs, workshops and business rounds


Sustainable investment

The challenges of climate change are global issues that must be managed locally. They also create the conditions to promote sustainable development and guide actions aligned with global agreements, as well as with national and regional strategies.​​

  • Monitoring and analysis of public policies

  • Climate finance

  • Support in the adoption of strategies framed in the Paris Agreement.

  • Renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and conservation solutions

  • Smart cities and sustainable communities

Our priorities


Designing bankable projects requires the adoption of technical assistance schemes. It is crucial to match the needs of project developers with the expectations of investors.​

  • Project bank

  • Strategic planning and enabling environment

  • Structuring and feasibility

  • Risk assessment

  • Bankability strategy

Climate and resilience



our work

we address the challenges of climate change and sustainable finance by directing our efforts toward initiatives where effective greenhouse gas reductions can be demonstrated and that exhibit significant potential for energy efficiency improvements

About us

We support organizations and change makers in the design of projects. We make impact initiatives available to funders. Our deep knowledge of the global environmental agenda and local context, our wide network, a broad understanding of the economic and socio-environmental conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as their regulatory frameworks, make us the right partners to support sustainable development projects.

we make an impact in these dimensions


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where we are

Medellin - Colombia

Cologne - Germany